Show you care. Wear a Mask from Gift Box Shopping.

Gift Box Shopping


Masks. We all have a checklist of what we are seeking in the perfect mask. This brand ticks all the boxes.

Comfortable fabric and fit.

Small nose wire for great fit.

Safety options.

Adjustable ear straps.


Positive messages.

Available in Adult and Youth!

Visa, MC, Amex, Disc

Ships from Dallas, TX

Minimum Order: $100

Re-Order: $100


 We saw our world dramatically change in March 2020 with COVID-19.  As people were forced to stay at home and social distancing was thrust upon us, we knew that even in dark times we can still be a light to those around us.  A group of  gift gurus got together to see how we might be able to produce products to not only keep themselves covered, but also share messages of hope, faith, and love. 


At the core, we are passionate people who are just trying to do the right thing and help people.

    Minneapolis Mart

    Red Gallery 201

    10301 Bren Road West
    Minnetonka, MN 55343

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    2020 Show Dates

    October 11-13

    2021 Show DATES

    Jan. 29 – Feb. 2  

    March 19-23 

    April 25-27 

    June 27-29 

    August 6-10 

    October 3-5 

    Daily – by appointment