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Indelible partnership.

Retailer. Brands. Sales Consultant.

Janet Atkinson and Joe Hertig joined forces in business nearly a decade ago to found Fashion Street.   With Joe’s years of experience in the Gift Industry and Janet’s career in the Fashion Industry working with multiple luxury brands it was a natural collaboration. Janet has a keen knack for fashion trends and has curated many fine brands from around the globe.  Together, Joe & Janet believe in impeccable customer service and cornerstone relationships with their retailers, vendors and sales team.  You will see this symbolized in their branding and you will experience it first hand when you interact with their company.  Always at your service 24/7!

Thirty years.

Our goal for the future is to be nimble, continue to be innovated and remain a sales leader in the Gift and Fashion Industry.

Meet Our Team

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Janet Atkinson

“Be a girl with adventure, a lady with confidence and a woman with bravery.”

Radiant. Dedicated. Tenured.

Janet, the creator of Fashion Street can be found combing Tradeshows and doing her due diligence in researching for the next brand for Fashion Street.  When she in not on the road, Janet is chatting with the Brand’s mascots Coco & Chanel her trusty Shih Tzu’s on what is trending in the dog market.

Territory: Key Accounts & Northern Minnesota

Ph: 612-702-6702

Fax: 800-945-0707

Kim Banyard

“What if I fall? Oh my darling but what if you fly?”

Experienced. Trust. Capable.

Kim arrived at Fashion Street having worked with singular brands developing their large account business, simultaneously she also was a brick + click boutique owner. With children out of the home, she found her wings, decided that Minnesota boutiques were her passion and she joined the team.

Territory: Twin Cities & Southern Minnesota

Ph: 612-669-3310

Fax: 800-945-9707

Angelina Blackmon

“Only those that risk going to far can possible find out how far one can go.”

Steadfast. Creative. Collaborator.

Trading an airplane seat with a car seat, Angelina came to Fashion Street to be a partner to boutiques across Wisconsin. Real world experience and a marketing background will combine for each product presentation.

Territory:  Wisconsin

Ph: 847-922-7001

Fax: 800-945-9707

Shannon Kowalski

“Red hair is caused by sugar and spice.”

Authentic. Ingenious. Accomplished.

Shannon is a founding sales consultant with Fashion Street. She rides the back roads of Iowa with a vigor and passion that mean one thing for you and your store…success. Her youth was spent spiraling around her families store and retail is in her blood. Be prepared to see photos of her fur babies, Olive, Fred, Frank, Sterling & Seamus.

Territory: Iowa & Eastern Nebraska

Ph: 952-945-0705

Fax: 800-945-9707

Amy Larson

“The only way you can learn to hustle and work this hard is by actually loving it.”

Keen. Ardent. Responsive.

Amy has the unique opportunity to cover all of the Dakotas for ALL of The Street Brands. Her attention to detail, desire to conjoin the right brands in the right stores means you will have a superb product mix.

Territory: The Dakotas & Western Nebraska

Ph: 605-868-2622

Fax: 605-370-5078

Laura Brady

“Thoughts have energy,  Make sure yours are Positive.”

Organized. Persistent. Essential.

Spearheading the digital platforms and back office logistics, Laura completes the team. Managing with an attention to detail and creative concepts, she brings the brands to life on our website, in our showroom and on your orders.  Laura loves her golden retrievers Lily & Winnie and together they radiate a special glow for us and Minnesota.

Territory: Showroom at the Minneapolis Mart

Ph: 612-619-7217

Fax: 800-945-9707

Dennis Schrupp

“Take risks, if you succeed you will be happy. If you fail you will be wiser.”

Stable. Earnest. Informed.

Dennis has been in the industry for over 20 years.  Experienced Vice President of Key Accounts with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Market Planning, Sales, Retail, E-commerce and Sales Management. Strong sales.

Territory: Key Accounts & Third Street Brands

Ph: 612-802-9892

Fax: 952-843-5669

The Street Brands

The Street Brands represent our commitment to being a road focused sales organization dedicated to servicing and adding value to our retail partners.

Minneapolis Mart

Red Gallery 201

10301 Bren Road West
Minnetonka, MN 55343

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