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Inspired by fashion, intrigued with beauty, we bring products to your store to enhance the mind and body of every consumer who passes through your doors.  Fashion Street represents tomorrow’s new charm bringing unique vendors to distinctive retailers and creating a boutique style model. We truly welcome your feedback and thank you for visiting our website.  Enjoy!  You can also visit our sister site at www.giftstreet.com.

Hot New Fashions


Cacatoès: Original and creative! Cacatoès beach sandals are available for Women, Men and Kids. Bubble Gum Scented, Sustainable injected Plastic, Heat Resistant, Waterproof, Non-Slippery, Lightweight and Sturdy Sandals. A Brazilian inspiration with a French touch. Made in Brazil, adopt an urban style, with fresh colors and a sweet scent.  Chic and Unique, Be Cacatoès.

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Beautiful Accessories


Periwinkle by Barlow: has been bringing women exquisite accessories for over 16 years! Periwinkle is a family-owned business and their parent company, Barlow Designs, was founded over 40 years ago. Periwinkle takes pride in creating a broad line of fashion accessories with wide appeal to consumers and high turnover for retailers.

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New Essential Products


Essential Products: We have Masks! We have Hand Sanitizer! We have all the Essential Products you need to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

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